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Empower Your Creative Self

Study under the guidance of a master craftswoman and classically-trained hand embroiderer with the Royal School of Needlework.

Create and design your own pieces, learning hand embroidery techniques that have been used for more than 500 years.

Empower your creative self -
one stitch at a time.


Master Craftswoman & Author

Kelley Aldridge

Kelley Aldridge is a classically trained hand embroiderer. She graduated from the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) Apprenticeship at Hampton Court Palace and launched RSN Bristol in the West of England. Since then she has taught a variety of day classes and the RSN Certificate & Diploma in Technical Hand Embroidery. Kelley went on to co-ordinate the School's teacher training programme (the Future Tutors Programme) for four years before diving into the world of online teaching, where she has been swimming merrily ever since.

Kelley authored the RSN Raised Embroidery book published by Search Press in 2017 and is currently working on a new Goldwork book to accompany her year-long online Goldwork Sampler Course.


"Thank-you so much for a lovely class this year.

I've really enjoyed it - especially the push to design my own section!"  

— Mara

United Kingdom


"Thank you so much for the excellent sampler class. I have a new passion which is all due to you! I loved the class. Thank-you."

— Jen



"Kelley's loving, warm and vibrant personality shines through her teaching, even though she was thousands of miles away. I now have a repertoire of stitches that I love. I also had a few catastrophes along the way wth my project, but Kelley was there to virtually hold my hand and walk me through the fixes. Thank-you Kelley for teaching me that I can tap into my own creativity and create my own designs in stitch."

- Mendy, United States


Self-Paced Learning

Ready when you are...

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