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Home Sweet Home

(originally published on 5th November 2013)

I recently celebrated 19 years in the UK - I emigrated from Canada in 1994 and can still remember my complete confusion when I turned on the radio half-way through an Archers' omnibus! After all this time, England (and specifically Bristol) is certainly my adopted home, and whenever I go back to visit family in Canada, I increasingly feel like a tourist! Aren't Canadians nice? Isn't it clean?

Now, thanks to my iPhone (other smart phones are available!) (but why?) I can listen to Chris Evans on Radio 2, keep up with the latest instalment of Paul Temple on 4Extra, read the news on the internet, and see what my mates are doing on Facebook, so really, home can come with me wherever I go...

But, to quote Frankie,

It's very nice to go trav'ling

To Paris, London and Rome

It's oh, so nice to go trav'ling

But it's so much nicer

Yes, it's so much nicer to come home

to the green-ness, the robin & wren, the humour, the garden, the cat, and of course, the friends...

Off to stitch! Have a great day kids...


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