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Quite An Anniversary!

Well where has THAT time gone... 28 years ago yesterday, I landed in the UK as a wee Canadian immigrant (made with British parts, mind), and began my long love affair with Living Under An English Sky, as I like to put it. I'm now entering the year when, at some point, I will have lived in England longer than I did in Canada. THAT's weird!

These past 3½ years have been quite a challenge! 2 house moves and a radical change in how I teach. Oh, by the way, Happy World Teacher's Day for last Wednesday! :) :) :) Now I teach entirely online, and am having FAR TOO MUCH FUN doing it! I've learned about filming and editing, about voiceovers and web design, I've started to use an app for my design sketches (ProCreate, bless it) and am once again using my drawing tablet and pen in Adobe Illustrator. I'm meeting lovely lovely people from all over the world who join my classes to have fun (that's the only rule), and I'm getting better and providing a really good 'value for money' experience with student portals and whatsapp groups to help everyone keep in touch (and to keep up!)

2022 is also another anniverary for me - 20 years ago I entered the Royal School of Needlework as an Apprentice, and started a stitching journey I've been on ever since. At the time I was the OLDEST apprentice they'd ever taken on (a ripe old 36) and in a way I think perhaps I was the forerunner of today's Future Tutors - women (mostly) who are jumping into a second career and are willing to start learning from scratch again, and to work their way up to eventually having a whole new career and way of life. Bless you in your 150th year, RSN!

And so to today - as I write this it's Saturday 8th October (Happy Anniversary!) and am getting ready to start teaching a brand new group of students on the Saturday Morning RSN Sampler Course - gorgeous girlies all of them I can't wait to meet - and start them off on a stitching journey all of their own - if they're not careful, they may find themselves jumping wholesale into the same adventure I've been enjoying for over two decades! Hurrah!

Love 'n Stitches,


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