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Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo!

(originally published 19th February 2013)

Morning all! Meant to blog yesterday but was full on with the stitching! I'm down to the finishing touches on my friend Nikki's crewel piece, and am determined to finish it off and post it next Monday, so admin went by the board yesterday. Never mind, it has (funnily enough) waited for me in piles until today, so here I am...

Just one more thing to do - where's the Ladybird? :)

Last week was half-term, so no classes but lots of design work in the studio - I've completed this years illuminated embroidery alphabet (yes, even the X, bless it!) and as soon as Nikki's piece is off the frame, I'll be able to prepare for stitching this next project. I've bowed to fate and decided to include not only a silk shaded robin, but a wren as well - researching the Sherborne Missal revealed that both birds are significant within the text, so I admitted defeat and bunged them both in, lovely little puffed up fatties! I'll be stitching the 'S' this year, so watch this space around Easter for WIP photos... Poor 'X', is there a Xavier out there who wants to stitch?That's all for this week folks - just want to take a minute to say how PROUD I am of all my RSN fellow loonies who are storming the FB world with their businesses at the moment - Sarah, Sophie, Katie, Jess, and anyone else who I've not yet linked to, your stitching is awesome, your enthusiasm is inspiring, and your future is bright - well done! Happy stitching! :)x

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