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May Morris, Nicola Jarvis and me!

(originally published 28th January 2013)

I've been working on a very special project for a friend and fellow stitch loony Nicola Jarvis, to be part of an exhibition this summer in London. Several months ago, I unpacked a lovely parcel from Nick with the design beautifully drawn on linen twill with an equally beautiful stitch plan, and a bag of lovely girlie-coloured Appletons wools...

Starting from the centre out (it's a hard RSN-imbued habit to break!), I've begun work on the central flower motif:

The show is called 'The Art of Embroidery: Nicola Jarvis and May Morris' on at the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow from 6th July to 22nd September 2013, and admission is free. New drawings, paintings and embroideries by Nicola will be displayed alongside rare and unseen works by William Morris' daughter, designer and embroiderer, May Morris. There will be over twenty stitched pieces designed by Nicola and worked by colleagues and friends in the embroidery industry, from all over the world. More anon!

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