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Planning for the Summer

(originally published 4th February 2013)

It's a lovely sunny day in the studio, but the clouds are rolling in, so the light changes quite swiftly and dramatically - good job I'm not matching colours or doing any silk shading today!

I've been working on Nikki's flower project (see blog entitled 'William Morris & Me'), and am nearly finished - I've made better headway than I thought I would, so can show more WIP photos today...

Next week is half-term, and I've set aside 3 days to design this summer's 'Illuminated Embroidery' project. Last year the inspiration was the Book of Kells:

The year before was a 'generic gothic' alphabet (which started the annual tradition of this course!):

This year, I'll be looking to the Sherborne Missal for inspiration - famous for its depiction of English Songbirds - silk shaded robin on the way, can't wait! :)

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