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Robins, Roses & Ringlets (ish)

(originally published 11th February 2013)

Morning one and all, happy half term if you're in my part of town - I can hear the kiddies next door having a great time banging and crashing at something, their laughter is infectious!

Probably a good thing, as the day is gloomy and chill, NOT very inspiring, and I've got paperwork on the agenda today, boo hoo! But I'm also designing this year's illuminated embroidery letter this week as well, so all is not grumps - I'm hoping this wee chap will find his way into the design:

I've been torn between portraying a 'proper' English robin like this, or sticking to the original as depicted in the Sherborne Missal, which looks more like a North American robin, shaped like a blackbird. Just can't resist the round tummy and colouring though, so England wins!

As I'll need the frame currently home to Nikki Jarvis' William Morris flower soon, I've also been steaming away in the evenings to finish her lovely project:

And finally, in case you think I've been slacking, yesterday I treated myself to a 'me' day in the studio, and finished Charlie, the Jan Horrox-inspired art doll that I've been picking away at for months. I finally got up enough courage to paint the face (nerve-wracking but not too bad in the end), and then pushed on through the wee hours to finish the rest of her. Not a project for the small of patience or perseverance, but I've wanted to do one for so long, and now I'm quite chuffed with the result. Roll on doll number two in riotous colours!

Have a great week, I'm off to tackle the paper mountain... :)x

Have a great week, I'm off to tackle the paper mountain... :)x

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