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(originally published 11th March 2013)

Whoa, where did those two weeks go?!? So much for blogging on a Monday, last week I was knee deep in RSN assessments with Jacqui Mac, the week before is just a blur now, but whatever I was doing, I forgot to blog! Sigh...

So what's the news? I got my new dodgem car (no, really, it just needs a pole out the roof, and it would go unnoticed at the local fairground ride) and unless she tells me her name in the next few days, I'm going to use Ruby Wednesday - registration plate plus delivery day! A big name for a small car...

We've had lovely weather and rubbish stuff too - today it's sunny but flippin' cold to be sitting around all day as I am, so I'm layered up with thermals and the heat is on. The workroom is sporadically sunny, so I'm here for the duration!

(Yes, that's a hot water bottle...)

The Sherborne Alphabet is done and scanned in, and I've taken the executive decision to fork out for a Mac version of Adobe Photoshop Elements, as I'm used to being able to muck about with my jpegs (and you don't say that everyday) which I can only do in Adobe. I've bought the bundle that includes video editing as well, because I'll be looking at online tutorials in the coming year to extend my lunacy WORLD WIDE - aaarrgghh!! :) :) :)

Back to the Sherborne 'S', I can now use the hardcopy as my pattern for the padding, so I can start on my prototype - work in progress shots weekly m'dears, here's the first one:

That's all for today, need to refill the hot water bottle and the coffee mug (and poke Lucy for the fun of it...)

Oh! I just remembered why I forgot to blog two weeks ago! I was attempting to get my head around Cathedral Window quilt blocks - my pincushion 'dry run' took FAR longer than I thought it would, but I love the finished look/feel, so am now hooked and am working out a colourway for yet another quilt-in-progress...

Have a great week kids!


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